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    Getting introduced to fishing by my young adventurous uncle

    fishing-6I was introduced to fishing as a kid by my uncle who lived closed to our home. My uncle was not as old as my parents. As the last born in my father’s family, he was actually quite young as compared. When I was young he was not married and had a small job in town that allowed him a lot of free time. I was able to bond with him more since he was often around. He was also a lot of fun to be around.

    He was also very fond of me. For as long as I could remember he had always lavished me with gifts. I loved his gifts since he always knew the kinds of gifts to get me. As a young boy all my favorite toys were courtesy of my young uncle.

    My parents were often travelling from one place to another. Being tourist guides and working as a team, many times they had to travel off into the country. During many of these times I would be left with my uncle. I loved these times. My uncle would greatly spoil me with all the things that I loved. He would also introduce me to all kinds of new fun things. He is the one who taught me how to ride the bicycle and he is the one who introduced me to my first video game.

    The video game would go on to be one of my favorite pastimes. I would spend many hours playing the game and it would often infuriate my mother who was worried that the games would have some negative impact on me. She was especially worried that I would damage my eyes from staring too long on the TV screen.

    As I grew older and our friendship continued, my uncle started introducing me to more mature activities. He would take me around town and he would show me some of the historical and monumental sites of the town. He took me to the zoos and to other nature attraction sites. He then introduced me to fishing.

    My uncle was an enthusiast of fishing but he took his time before introducing me to the activity for he feared I was too young. He introduced me to fishing when I was around ten.

    My uncle’s way of fishing was always offshore fishing. There was a lake close a few miles from town and he would drive there occasionally and spend many hours fishing. He had his own personal sit on top kayak that he used for his fishing escapades. The kayak was large enough to accommodate both of us and we would spend many hours out on the water together.

    During the fishing escapades my uncle taught me many things about fishing. He taught me about the many fish species that were in the lake. Most of the time we fished for bass and he taught me on the best baits to use for bass fish. He also taught me the best places where I had the best chances of capturing the fish.

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